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Overview of Outdoor Electronic Message Centers

Communicate More Effectively with Outdoor Electronic Message Centers
Outdoor Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) or LED displays are computerized programmable electronic visual communication devices, specially manufactured for the outside environment. They are capable of storing and displaying multiple messages in dozens of formats and at varying intervals. EMCs allow you to change your message frequently, but without the cost of replacing missing or broken letters, and without the physical labor involved in changing copy. Thus, EMCs allow you to communicate more effectively with the typical person passing by at a particular time day by changing the message and graphic of your sign to match the profile on the street. Outdoor EMC cabinets are specially produced to withstand the harshest outside environment like snow, rain and direct sunlight. They are also able to compete with the sun due to the use of ultra-bright LEDs. 

Features and Advantages of EMCs: 

  • Unlimited number of message changes and variable controls result in lower labor cost and elimination of the physical liabilities often associated with copy changes on traditional reader boards. 

  • Variable messages as people pass by, allowing greater flexibility in communicating to the public. 

  • Flexibility means your business can advertise specials while also displaying public service information or other items of public interest. 

  • These signs can quickly "brand" your business site in the local community. 

  • Investment in your business and provide the best and most cost-effective forms of paid advertising. The only form of advertising that may be more powerful is word of mouth 

  • Effectiveness of an EMC not limited by space or surface area constraints as with a reader-board. 

  • EMCs act as your "salesman on the street," attracting new customers to your business location. 

  • Allow you to market your products and services to your immediate trade area and prevent wasteful advertising expenses. 

  • Business owners can change the message as needed to provide information to specific retail customers, and can be used for political, social or community events. 

  • Software is available that enables business owners to display sophisticated logos or images on the EMC precisely as planned.

In summary, Electronic Message Centers offer the versatility and affordability not found in any other promotional medium. 


















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